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Pride review


In a year where comedies have been regularly delivering the laughs - 22 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie, for instance - Pride is the best of the lot. Bursting with heart, exquisite moments and food for thought, it’s a five star night out at the movies. Bluntly, whatever Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie took at the box office, Pride deserves many, many times as much. This deserves to be a huge hit.

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Street Style Swag: Ostentatious Outings at the AW14 Shows

‘Lennon Naked’ - 2010. Christopher Eccleston as John Lennon and Andrew Scott as Paul McCartney. Perfect for beatlewholockians!

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Andrew Scott on ITV’s Lorraine (25/7/2014)


We’re just alike … you and I.

Andrew Scott embarrassed so adorable halp!

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